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Mental health is the cornerstone to healthy, rewarding relationships and well-being. It is my privilege to assist individuals and families on the road to self understanding, growth, and fulfillment. Life is complex and when we face challenges, having support while we explore our emotional and mental worlds can have a profoundly healing effect. 

I have an interest in working with adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma and abuse, adoptees, individuals who identify as LGBTQ, and teens who are experiencing academic and emotional difficulty due to high-functioning ASD, anxiety and depression. 

 I am open and accepting of all lifestyles and beliefs, and provide a safe and supportive space for our work together.

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About Living Well

 As a mental health counselor, I am passionate about mental health issues and talking about them openly and honestly, as it should be.  Shame, stigma, and a lack of understanding prevent those who are suffering from seeking help for themselves or for someone they love, and it is my mission to do my part in bringing what is hidden in darkness out in to the light where it can be understood.  

I will be posting all things mental health-related!  Feel free to share your thoughts!


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