Domestic Violence


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Are You Living With Domestic Violence?

  • Have you ever been hit, slapped, kicked or punched by your partner?
  • Have you ever been choked or strangled by your partner?
  • Is your partner asking you questions about whether you are faithful or is he expressing jealousy?
  • Are you starting to feel like you are losing your relationships with family or friends because of your partner’s actions?
  • Has your partner ever threatened to hurt you to get you to do something?
  • Has your partner ever hurt your pets?
  • Has your partner ever destroyed your property or things you care about?
  • Has your partner ever tried to stop you from going to school, work or doing things you like to do?
  • Has your partner ever forced you to have sex when you did not want to?
  • Does your partner regularly insult you?
  • Are you ever afraid of your partner or of going home? Does he/she make you feel unsafe? 

What Is Domestic Violence?

Generally, domestic violence is a pattern of behavior, including physical violence or sexual violence, by an intimate current or former partner.  It is seen in male/female and same sex partner relationships.

Domestic violence takes many forms and includes a range of actions intended to control: isolation, intimidation, using children, emotional abuse, economic abuse, coercion and threats, minimizing, denying and blaming, cultural abuse, ritual abuse, male privilege and sexual abuse.

The most recognized form of domestic violence is physical violence, which may include hitting, punching, slapping, strangling, or kicking. An intimate partner is someone who you live with or have lived with. This can be a boyfriend, a husband, a girlfriend, or a wife. The questions to the right can help you think about whether you are living with domestic violence.


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If you believe you are living with domestic violence, you can get help.

Call to talk with an advocate to help you think about options available to you.

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