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About HYHH Clinical Associates

Each of our Clinical Associates are here to provide the best quality of care for you! We recruit and train Experienced and Licensed Mental Health Clinicians who are able to perform optimally within a flexible work environment, ensuring that you get the very best. Our motto is quality over quantity and we focus heavily on symptom reduction versus symptom management. Together we work as a team to meet the mental health needs of individuals, families, and the community. Thank you for choosing Healing Your Hidden Hurts as your Mental Health Provider of Choice!  #healinghappens

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Camishe Nunley (Carmel, IN)

Camishe Nunley is a prominent Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Trauma Specialist currently practicing as a private practitioner in Carmel, IN. Camishe has been employed in many different counseling settings before transitioning into solo practice which includes: Community Mental Health Agencies, Correctional Community, Universities and for profit private Agencies.

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HYHH Partners with The FIX Dance Studio

The FIX Dance Studio

THE FIX is a state-of-the-art dance studio located in the heart of Indianapolis! At The Fix we focus on developing participants' understanding of rhythmic movements, creative expressions, as well as building skills that are valuable for achievement in other areas of life such as school, work and relationships through various forms of dance.
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Quinn Stevenson

Quinn Stevenson has been dubbed the Dance Guru of Indy. He has extensive training in ballroom, latin, hip hop and other recreational dances.
He has recently developed a unique program that focuses on helping couples in distress and at risk youth that he calls Dance Therapy.

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"From fear to faith, despair to hope, cowardice to courageous, futility to purposefulness. We all have it within us to survive"

Healing Your Hidden Hurts
~Dedicated to Trauma Survivors Worldwide

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